The VESTECH organization was founded in order to share expert know-how especially concerning industry valves at various process technologies, especially in steam power plants. Basis of the company's activities include the marketing of valve products of foreign european origin valves as well as the own production of special control valves customized on individual client requirement. The basis of own production is established using 40 years experience of the now integrated engineering company GFX. In case of the production of special valves, start a cooperation with the competent Austrian partner companies, that are certified to all common standards.

The idea for success

To serve customers with such finished products and know–how, where others delivery options for reasons such as short delivery times, technological special features, flexible adjustments and cost limits, are not possible.
This concept is realized through the use of proven standard products from contractually guaranteed quality European factories and supplement with specialty products made in-house engineering and production partnership with Austrian specialist workshops and large machinery enterprises.
Key requirements: Applications in water and steam circuits of all kinds in industrial and utility power plants, in caloric and in the hydraulic field, as well as their distribution networks, operating with process media of all kinds but according to customer demand and special applications, among other things also for the chemical industry, oil, and gas industry.

Production Notes

In general, only products from European manufacturing facilities are used. This concerns not only the supply of raw materials but also the further processing in European foundries, machining process and welding operations.
The production and manufacture of our products follows exclusively European EN standards such as ISO 9001 and PED 97/23 / EC, as well as EN10204-3.1 and 3.2. Other production standards and rules as ASME, API, GOST according to customer request can also be considered. Special products from own production are handled in cooperation with TÜV Süd with type examination.

Technical Customer Service

Deliveries of finished products, both according to customer specifications as well as according to individual (some time on-site) consultation, take place in our customer service activities. This means that not only to offer suitable selected product, is the focus of our consulting, but also that their installation / assembly, as well as the consulting concerning not provided third company devices, can be included in our consultancy scope, in order to guarantee ultimately the best possible functioning of an overall system process.
This guarantees – based on many years of experience, a maximum life time of the products supplied by us as well as the surrounding other system devices.
Additional services such as installation support, overhaul of valves after years of use, as a spare part service for a period up to 10 years are available within our "Customer Service" package.

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